First Anniversary & Fun Correspondence

Photo courtesy of Patricia Lyons Photography

This weekend Jason and I celebrated our first anniversary.  We were married on July 10th of last year, and it’s so hard to believe that a year has already passed, and so much has happened!  Even more difficult to wrap our heads around is that it’s only 1 of upwards of 60 years of marriage!  With a wedding, school year, Jason’s job changes, two moves, and a baby due Jan. 1st, it seems like a whole lot has happened.  All wonderful though. 🙂  And this milestone makes me excited for a few dear friends who will also be celebrating their 1st anniversary soon!

One of the ways we celebrated was by having a slice of our wedding cake topper, which had been kept on ice in my parents’ freezer.  Still looked beautiful! I loved our wedding cake….a basket weave design made of buttercream frosting with a fondant bow on top (which got a tad smushed after being in storage).  The top layer was carrot cake…Jason’s favorite and I thought it would be a cake that would stay on the moister side, since I knew we’d be enjoying it a year later.  I forgot how big the cake was; even the top layer could have served as a large cake by itself!

A year later, it was still delicious!  Now if only we could head back to Bermuda too….

Inexpensive Stationery:

I probably have an unnatural obsession with stationery.  I love cards, invitations, and most of all, sending and receiving both! 🙂  There is a wonderful stationery shop in Richmond called Paper on the Avenue that does beautiful, beautiful work…we had our wedding invitations done through them, and if I had an endless budget they’d help me design every piece of correspondence I sent out!  Alas, being a girl on a budget, I have to get creative at times.  Michaels’ $1 section (usually found near the front of their store) has proven very helpful in this area.  It can be hit or miss of course, but in the recent past I have found cute cards like these:

…and these adorable gift tags (so cute tied on to a bright pink bag):

At $1 for a pack of 8, you can’t beat them!  I have also taken to making some.  I have bought stamps, stamp pads, and blank cards at either Michaels or Ben Franklin Arts and Crafts for a dollar each.  Here is what I have created–each design was super easy.

The last stamp I bought but haven’t done anything with yet…thought it would be so cute on a white invitation with black or navy ink.  The envelopes that the cards come with are on the flimsier side, but when you take into account that they were just $1, it’s a small price to pay for a cute little thank you note.

The next card I made for Christmas thank-yous…I had white card stock on hand and lined each edge with a black Sharpie to create a thin border. I used this adorable stamp I bought at Ben Franklin with red ink, but I think it would be equally cute in another stamp color and used as birthday or shower thank-you notes.

Here is the image closeup:

A ‘pennywise’ way to create chic correspondence!