birthday diy

With Emmeline’s birthday in the rear view (wow, that went fast!), I wanted to start off by sharing a couple DIY things I did for her very first birthday party!  I will post pics from the special day soon– but in the meantime, here are a few handmade aspects that would certainly make nice, personal touches to any bday : )

Cupcake “sparklers”

I wanted each party guest to have their own personal “cake” with a faux birthday candle, so I made these cute toppers:



Using lollipop sticks (found in the baking aisle of craft stores), sparkly pompoms of your color choice, and your hot glue gun…


…put a dot of glue onto the pompom, then attach the lollipop stick to its underside, pressing firmly for about 10 seconds.  I found affixing glue to the pompom and not the stick first was the best method!


When it came time to stick them in the cupcakes, I found that the stick was a little too tall.  An easy fix? Use a pair of scissors to “score” them at the height you’d like, then simply bend the stick at the score line to break the unwanted length off.

DSC_0518 DSC_0519

Birthday pennant banner:


Using various patterned scrapbook paper, a pair of scissors, an Exact-o knife and some twine, I created this for the special birthday girl.  Just follow these super easy steps:

1. If you’re feeling lazy (like I was) and didn’t feel like measuring to create your triangle template, print out one like this from Pottery Barn Kids.  It was the perfect size!


Cut out template and trace onto manilla envelope (or flexible cardboard), so the shape is then easy to trace onto your scrapbook paper.

2. Trace triangle onto underside of scrapbook paper (I fit four triangles onto each piece)


3. Cut triangles out to create your pennants!


DSC_0462 DSC_0463

4. I practiced my layout on the floor, making sure I had a pattern of prints!  If you were wondering, “Happy Birthday Emmeline” takes a boatload of triangles…

. DSC_0475

5. Then using these great stencils purchased at Hobby Lobby, I stenciled in the letters.  Tip: You do not have to use a permanent marker to stencil onto scrapbooking paper…a thin Crayola marker did the trick!



6. Using your knife, cut one slit on each side of the inverted triangle (make sure you put some padding–like a thick piece of cardboard–in between the paper and your table!). This will allow you to string your twine through each piece, creating your banner:


7. Using a piece of twine (or any ribbon really, I just found twine to be easy to use!), thread through the slit on the left, underneath the paper and up through the slit on the right side:



Keep stringing in order until you’ve created this cute (and in my case, extremely girly) product:


More birthday details to come…please stay tuned!