coral frames

Hi all!  Just wanted to share a couple frames I’ve painted recently.  I’ve been trying out a coral pattern for a summery + beachy look.

This frame I made for my dear friend Amy’s engagement…

IMG_7243 IMG_7245

…..and I did an aqua/turquoise color scheme for my mother-in-law’s birthday.

IMG_7451 IMG_7455


Happy Wednesday!


pet project

Well, a little less than a year later and I’m posting again.  I know I shouldn’t make any promises to myself (at this point in my life!), but I have recently become re-energized to breathe life back into my blog. I’ll just take it one week at a time and hopefully the motivation will stay!

I’ll start with a little project I’ve become passionate about as of late.  I realize the post title might be misleading, as it has nothing to do with “pets”–we are currently an animal-less household.  ; )

What I MEANT to say is that lately I’ve been crafting hand-painted monogrammed frames.  I have just done a handful for friends as gifts so far, but I’ve had so much fun creating them.  And I’d love to *someday* parlay it into a small business.

I wanted to share the designs I’ve done up to this point with you.  They began as plain, wooden, hang-able frames that have the perfect space for a big fat monogram underneath. : )

This ikat design I painted for my friend Brooke’s birthday.  She doesn’t have a baby yet; the one pictured is mine. ; )


_DSC0015 _DSC0019 _DSC0020

I did a similar style in a blue & purple colorway for my brother-in-law’s girlfriend Julia on her birthday.

_DSC0047 _DSC0052 _DSC0053I made this floral frame as a baby gift for my friend Liz’s beautiful daughter to go in her nursery:



Like I said, I’ve gotten such joy out of making them and I’m glad to do something that (I think) makes a special and personalized gift.

I have a few other designs in the works which I will share soon…

Have a happy Monday!

New House

With the purchase of our first home, I’ve been so excited to decorate and make it our own.  Our home was built in the 50’s and is an end-of-unit townhouse with 3 bedrooms, 2 full baths (thank goodness!), and great hardwood floors.  I fell in love with it the second we walked in with the realtor, and my love for it only continues to grow!  Thankfully, its previous owners had put a lot of TLC into it, and it was move-in ready for us.  We moved from a one-bedroom apartment in Annapolis, and it’s been great fun placing our belongings and decorative items in new places, as well as adding a few new pieces.  Here are a couple things I’ve done so far:

Entertainment Center:

Our entertainment center was purchased at Ikea when we first moved in to our apt. My husband Jason really liked it as a resting place for his big honking TV, but I have been on the fence about it for a while.  Maybe it’s the many odd-shaped open compartments that have proven frustrating, and I h-a-t-e the look of exposed wires.  On a Richmond homes tour with my mom, I fell in love with a look in one room.  They had taken a ceiling-to-floor built-in bookcase and filled it with black and white framed photos, and a zillion books covered in monochromatic kraft paper, something similar to this:

I of course wanted to cover my books in something less neutral, but I loved the impact it had.  That was my plan…but difficulty finding the right shade of paper in bulk, budget, and impatience has tabled that idea for the time being.  Instead I used what I had, spent $4.99 at Michaels (love those 40 and 50% off coupons you can get on their website!), and this is what I came up with:


This frame was made using a glass and particle board frame with metal clips (hand-me-down from my mom I’ve had for years) and a piece of scrapbook paper I had on hand.  Since the frame is meant to be hung, I propped it up against another frame so that it stood.  The adorable elephant teapot is from World Market (I so wish they had one in Baltimore!).

I love silver frames, but wanted to keep things inexpensive…I had some wooden and black metal frames (think “1 Spot” at Target) that I spray painted with a can of Krylon Original Chrome spray paint.  This instantly gave them a faux silver makeover.  Not all the frames have been filled with personal pictures yet, including one with the picture of the family I’ve apparently adopted (that was my one $4.99 purchase at Michaels).  Jason and I are feeling very narcissistic lately, as all the pics in our home seem to be of the two of us from our wedding.  We were anxious to get some developed, and are now reeling it back in and waiting til we find some good portrait-layout ones of at us with at least some friends/props in the background :).

Apart from that, I used items I’ve collected over the years…cool Chinoiserie-style bookends I purchased for $9.99 at Homegoods, paperback books and albums in colors that matched our living room, gifts from friends, and small blue and white pieces from when my family lived in Okinawa (I was in 2nd grade at the time but still managed to buy a few keepsakes!)

The end result is something I can enjoy looking at in the meantime–while I try to ignore those few wires that still peek out until we can hit up Radio Shack and buy longer ones!


This pair of chairs was purchased from a roadside flea market by my parents years ago, and then given to me when I moved into my first apartment out of college.  They still had their original *icky* tweed-like seat covers, and were in desperate need of an update, so that we could actually feel comfortable sitting on them!  So I finally got around to doing this once we moved in.  I purchased a yard of this cute orange and cream floral print on sale for just $9.99 at Jo-Ann Fabrics, and a yard of 2 in. high density foam which with a coupon came to just $18.00.  Here are the steps  I took to giving the chairs a new look:

1. Remove the old fabric (which in my case was covering up an equally lovely green pleather seat cover) and nails from the wooden seat form. You might need a heavy duty screw driver and pliers to help pry & remove the staples and nails.

2. Trace the wooden seat form on the foam to get the exact measurement needed, then cut the foam to size.

3. Place the foam on top of the seat cover.  Wrap the foam in thin batting (if you want to give it extra cushioning), and then wrap the fabric tautly on top of the foam and batting.

4. Staple gun the fabric to the underside of the seat cover.

5. Replace the new seat and attach to chair with screws (you might need long screws depending on the thickness of batting and fabric used.

I love this pair, and currently have one in our living room and one in the dining room…they will be great for extra seating in both. I might decide to paint/refinish the wood eventually, but for right now I really like the dark brown wood with a bit of distressing.


This was purchased at a yard sale for $20…I really like the detail and drawer pulls (shown below).  Eventually our plan is to paint it black, but it needed to be functional in our basement asap, so for now it will be this funky blue color–not too bad! If you look closely I think it’s been a few colors in its past life–pink, white….

I wiped out the drawers and lined them with Contact paper.  I know Contact paper is nothing new under the sun, but I love its forgiving nature…it always takes me a few tries to get it lined up just right and smooth all the bubbles out.

Here is the (semi) finished product:


This past Saturday, my husband and I got wind of a “barn sale” taking place in nearby Ruxton.  We met a very nice couple trying to clear out their barn and home of some no longer needed items.  Among them was a Crate and Barrel sofabed (stone colored with cream piping), and the wife took a liking to us newlyweds and sold it to us for $20!  We got several other items for quite a steal, which I will share later, but right now, the sofabed.

I was anxious to bring the sofabed home to our basement in an effort to replace Jason’s sofa which he insisted on bringing from his bachelor days, living with 3 other guys for 5 years, and the sofa was older than that to begin with. Don’t even get me started.  At this point I would’ve brought home a taxidermied animal as a replacement for his sofa. But when we brought the couch out of the barn and into the light of day, and then subsequently struggled yanking it down the stairs into the basement, we began to wonder if we had made a colossal $20 mistake.  The sofa was f-i-l-t-h-y.  It had been residing in a barn for goodness’ sake! I won’t go into the details, but just be thankful that I didn’t snap a “before” picture.  Hoping against hope, we pulled all the cushion covers and frame slipcover off and I used OxyClean to spot treat every surface area within an inch of its life.  Thank goodness for the “sanitize” cycle on our new front-loading washer (we had to buy both a washer & dryer when we moved in). Four loads later, after letting each cover dry in the sun, then ironing, lint rolling, and steaming the fabric, we stuffed each cushion back into its cover.  More steaming (I am loving our portable steamer) and a last overall spritz of Febreze, and voila:

(like) new! Trust me, it was an unbelievable transformation.  So our worries turned to a deep pride in ourselves for not shying away from a little hard work….not bad for $20, huh?