We love living in Rodgers Forge, but space is, well, a commodity.  Some day I’d of course love a legitimate buffet or sideboard for our dining room, but this hand-me-down dresser has to get the job done for now.  And it does provide a great amount of storage!

Here is an old pic:



If you can’t replace it, you can at least re-do it.  Maybe that should be my motto.  Or as part of my epitaph, along with “lover of chalk paint”.  Because of course I turned to Annie to give this dresser a new attitude.

We had first moved the piece to the adjacent wall.  Then with Versailles, we gave it a unique pale creamy-yellow-green look.





Because of the dark blue walls and dark wood of our dining room table, I felt like the corner with our “buffet” needed to be lightened up. And I think this helped!


dining room chairs

I’ve been rather busy over the past few weeks planning for my sister’s bridal shower, etc…I’ve worked on a handful of projects and will try to post them over the next several days!

One project completed: re-staining our dining room chairs.  We had purchased a new dining room table after moving in, but the chairs are hand-me-downs from my parents.  They were a light pine color, which clashed with the dark walnut-ish stain of the table.  My mom had also helped me cover the chairs when I first moved to Baltimore, which is now almost 5 years ago!  We used a brown geometric pattern with circles–great for then, but they needed a fresh update that would also work with the colors in our dining room.  I opted for a Jonathan Adler-esque orange Greek key fabric, which you’ll see below.  This was only $15/yd at a really cool fabric store in Richmond!

The before pictures:

(close up of old chair with old fabric)

(our dining room–rug was recently purchased from Crate & Barrel for what I think was a great deal considering how pricey rugs can be!)

And after:

(one of the finished chairs with new stain to match table, and new cushion cover!)

I’ll admit, the sanding and applying three coats of stain was not the fun part, but the results were totally worth it!

And I must say, the pics sadly don’t do it justice…I love my camera, but I think I need an SLR for taking better ‘still lifes’!