basement makeover

“Making over” has been a common theme in our house, since we found out our family would be growing by one more girl this June.  We knew we’d have to give up our third room (previously used as a guest room) to become Emmeline’s ‘big girl room’, and her former room would stay as the baby’s nursery.

So, our basement needed to be a multitasker; serving as a guest quarters and play/tv room. Luckily, we have our second full bath in the basement, so when people come to stay, they will have their own facilities.

We knew we wanted to get rid of the old sofa (which was featured in one of my very first posts, my barn sale steal!)…


…and replace it with a sleeper sectional.  We found just what we were looking for at Gardiners Furniture.  We purchased it on New Year’s Eve while they were running excellent specials, and it was well worth the wait… we were so excited when it arrived!


The couch is so comfortable and has been perfect for creating extra seating downstairs.  And boy is it great when you can both lie down, watching tv fully extended without touching! ; )


Here’s a pic so you have a clear visual of our coffee table and new carpeting.  The coffee table was a Craigslist purchase when we first moved in, and it was given new life with Annie Sloan’s “Antique White”.  Our posters once had homes in different rooms, but we collected and reframed them all for the basement, hoping to give them a greater impact when grouped together.  Pillows are needlepoint Jonathan Adler (barn sale purchase), side table is from Homegoods.

The low-grade carpet that was installed before we moved in had certainly started to show wear and tear.  We knew if two gals would be crawling/playing/lying on it constantly, we needed fresh wall-to-wall carpet.  Thank you Lowe’s!


The floor lamp was a hand-me-down from my in-laws, and we gave it a new shade to match the lamp’s seen in pictures above.  Blurry child has not been Photoshopped out, sorry.


Our Ikea bookshelf, also purchased off Craigslist when we first moved in, was stained dark walnut.  Annie Sloan to the rescue, once again!  We combined Antique White with Graphite {have a mentioned chalk paint is also great for mixing?!} to give it this medium grey, distressed look.  So much better.


This desk was once a bright blue {see below}…


…kindly purchased at a yard sale by my in-laws when we first moved in and I needed a desk space.  One day I would love to have a built in “command center”, but this more than does the job right now.  We painted in Antique White and wow, what a difference it made.  The chair was purchased from Lucketts in Leesburg, VA.  If you live in the area and have never been, it is definitely worth the trip! I know it’s dark {please pardon my extremely novice photog skills}, but the piece to the right of the desk is our printer stand. It’s faux wood and was formerly white, purchased from good ol’ Craigslist.  Painting it Graphite makes it look much better alongside the desk.

_DSC0336   _DSC0339

The tv moved down from the living room and was mounted to create a better viewing situation, and more space for TOYS!  The bookshelf to the right was actually a ‘less-than-perfect’ piece that was supposed to be part of our living room entertainment center, which will have its own post soon….anyway, my father-in-law gave it to us to use to hold electronics, and with a coat of Antique White, it’s perfect for the basement!


My attempt at toy organization.  It’s been working for now, while Mom is saddled with most of the cleanup….


We are loving our “new” basement, and envision the hours we’ve already spent down there doubling when Emmeline’s baby sister arrives! : )