living room entertainment center

Probably our most exciting “project” to date is the beautiful entertainment center my father-in-law Ray created for our living room this year.  I put “project” in quotes because I had absolutely nothing to do with the creation of this exquisite piece, other than emailing him a picture of my vision.

Jason’s dad is not only is a master woodworker {as evidenced below}, but he’s also one of the very kindest and most giving men I know.  His tireless months spent working on this project, after his full-time job and on weekends, is just one small example of his extreme generosity.  We are so thankful for everything he did, start to finish, and the finished product is simply incredible and awe-inspiring!

To give you some background, I was completely fed-up with our “entertainment center” situation in the living room.   I put “entertainment center” in quotes because it was a sorry excuse for one.  I was never satisfied with it, from the moment we brought it home from Ikea to our apartment as newlyweds.

Here is a close-up of what we had in the corner of our living room:

photo 2 photo 3 photo 4

No matter how much I rearranged all the little cubbies, it always looked like a black hole of unattractiveness. One night, when I was on the brink of breakdown over it (I know, get a GRIP, Claire), Jason suggested we ask his dad to help us build something new for that spot.

We knew we wanted something with a built-in feel, but could be taken with us when the time comes for us to move.  We needed display shelving as well as cabinet storage.  After a couple days of research, we landed on this particular style, done by Kelly Stivers’ of Bungalow Blue Interiors.  Here is a snapshot of what she did in her home:

bookshelves restyled 12



A few short months later, this was a part of OUR home:


_DSC0345  _DSC0347 _DSC0348

In addition to how wonderful it looks, we can’t get over how much MORE room it actually gave us!  The storage cabinets below are wonderful, and I’ve had a ball creating little vignettes in each shelf.  Here are some close-ups:


{my teeny collection of decorating books & teeny abstract art, in in an old frame spray painted gold}


{lacquer boxes are from Homegoods….Herend elephant perched on top was Emmeline’s first birthday gift from her GG & Popps}



{Frames are Homegoods purchases, horse was found at an antique store in Richmond, given to me by my mom…I passed it up, but she surprised me with it later…an homage to my affinity towards horses ; ) }




{Black frame housing abstract was a cheapie at Homegoods…I taped off the corners and painted them gold to dress it up a little}

We are overjoyed with the beautiful addition to our living room, and it will be enjoyed for years to come.  It goes above and beyond what we imagined, and we are so thankful to Ray for his loving handiwork!


2 thoughts on “living room entertainment center

    • Thank you so much Abbe! You’re so sweet. And that means a lot coming from a girl who has wonderful taste! Hope you’re doing well & hope to see you soon! 🙂

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