halloween party

I’m sure you’re tired of hearing about Halloween by now (onto the Thanksgiving and Christmas blur!), but I just wanted to share some pics from our party the weekend before last. This took me a while to post–I need a few days to decompress from party planning! It was a great success–everyone went all out in the costume department, which always makes it fun!

On the menu:

-Witchy dip with ghoulish crackers (spinach dip served in a cauldron, with my homemade ghost crackers)

-Halloweenies (pigs in blanket served with ketchup & mustard)

-Mummy Mix (Utz’s Party Mix & Target’s cheese balls in their “Red Hot” flavor…obviously not a homemade dish and super easy, but boy was it a hit!)

-Blood & Guts (chili)

-Creepy Cornbread (cornbread muffins w/ pepperjack cheese, black olives, & green chiles)

-Sinister salad (spinach salad tossed w/ orange peppers, black olives, baby portabella mushrooms and shredded cheese, served w/ orange-dyed ranch dressing)

-Zombie eyeballs (Oreo truffle balls)

-Graveyard dirt (“dirt” pudding cups)
Here are some pics of the food & decor…most of what you see here was either purchased from the Dollar Store, Target’s “One Spot”, Homegoods, or DIY.  You might recognize the chevron runner from Kate’s shower.

Jason and I were sushi and Cole Trickle from Days of Thunder 🙂

Some gal party guests as people started to arrive…

Next year (because now it has to be annual!), I will do a better job of taking pictures of all the party guests…there were some really great costumes!  Thanks to our friends for a great night.  I’m already looking forward to next year!
I will leave you with some pics of Emmeline the lamb, taken on her very first night of trick-or-treating! 🙂

See ya next year, Halloweens!