phase two: living room re-do

Things are looking far less messy, cluttered, and unfinished in the living room! Which makes me very happy, as I could feel my blood pressure rise every time I walked down the stairs or came in the front door. Phew!  Thankfully the Ravens game was on til midnight on Thursday, giving Jason an excuse to stay up and help me put things back together while simultaneously screaming at the television.  Just kidding, he was pretty uncharacteristically calm.  So thankfully, no hammers went through the wall and nothing was thrown.  He is loving me while reading this, I’m sure.
Yesterday morning I took some pics of our progress.  This shoot is entitled “Where’s Waldo?”, as you’ll find a tiny human in most of the pictures if you look closely enough.  (Please ignore the unbuttoned onesie over the pants…sometimes, it’s just not worth the struggle.  Remember, we call her Barracuda.)


The curtains were Ikea purchases…a good find I think!  They are velveteen-ish, and look “luxe”, as Hannah tells me.  The curtain rods were originally brown; a quick spray paint job turned them black.  We put the striped rug from the dining room in here now.  And the former brown sisal living room rug is in the dining room, which worked out well! Nothing new to buy there!


(Those swatches on the chair are potential fabrics for pillows.)


The cute white bowl is a new addition…I couldn’t pass it up on a recent trip to Richmond…$6 at Williams & Sherill!



Okay, I was a LITTLE picture happy. Most of the time it’s because I can never seem to get the lighting just right…I think I need a new camera…

You might recognize the side table from our guest room.  They were Goodwill purchases with a new paint job.  It occurred to me that they matched our new color scheme quite well, and after lugging it downstairs, I decided it was a great fit!  So we switched out the old wooden side table and put that in the guest room.  Which is okay in the meantime, since our guest room doesn’t get much face time other than my sister Hannah and the occasional friend sleepover. 🙂

Disclaimer: the slipcovers and curtains need to be steamed.  I was just so anxious to post pictures!  I will get to it, I promise myself.

A few things left to be done: painting our entertainment center white (and possibly adding cabinet doors to it!), and painting the frame of our sailboat print white (this will be tricky, as it’s a custom frame job so we can’t take the print out!)


phase 1: living room re-do

Long, long time, no post….I know.  I have been so bad!  A busy summer, a busy baby, and life in general hasn’t left me with much time (or energy!) to write in the past few months.

Jason and I decided the living room paint color (from the previous owners) had served us well for a year, and had to GO.  I had a meltdown expressed to him that we needed a change and an update, and we decided that early this fall, the room would undergo a bit of a transformation.

Here is a snapshot of our LR.  The walls (Benjamin Moore’s Montgomery White, for those who are interested…although I hope I don’t offend when I ask WHY…it’s so blah!) coordinated just fine with the chocolate brown/orange/green color scheme we went with up until now.


But it was time for out with Montgomery White, in with something fresh.  We wanted grey walls, and I always have liked grey and aqua (with white and black accents) together.  So that meant the drop cloth curtains would have to go, along with anything in colors that didn’t coordinate.

Here’s a bit of inspiration I’d gathered for the new color scheme:

Grey walls

Grey Walls

gray and aqua

And after sampling five different paint colors, we decided on Valspar’s Drizzling Mist. It’s a medium gray, on the ‘blue-side’ of the color…


The walls have been painted!  Please ignore the current disaster zone that is our first floor.  And frustratingly, my iPhone pics don’t do it justice….it’s much lighter in person.


Ok, so there is clearly a lot more work to do.  Next up is putting the furniture back in place, which includes switching our sofa slipcover to match the off-white chair in the room.

By the way, I was scraping trim touch-up paint out of my hair as these pictures uploaded.

I’ll post as we move along!

I’ll leave you with a few pics of the reason I have very little spare time these days.  She currently answers to “wiggle worm”, “barracuda” (when she gets dressed), and “wild baby boar”.



ImageImageImage…except when she’s sleeping.  Then she’s “the most precious sweet little angel.” 🙂

By the way, that picture of her wearing my glasses was the wake-up call I needed to invest in a new pair.