Ikea Chair Facelift

Remember me? I can’t fault anyone for forgetting, seeing as how it’s been over 3 months since my last post!  Between taking care of the baby and my limited free time, I just haven’t found the motivation for any blog-worthy DIY projects.  But with the coming of spring and knowing that my sister’s bridal shower will take place at our house in just a few short months, I am getting back into gear!

My husband has a set of 4 chairs he purchased from Ikea years ago (I believe they are part of the “Stefan” collection).  Sorry Stefan, but you are tres boring!  And in desperate need of a makeover!

Jason wanted to put one of the chairs in between our closets in the master bedroom, so that he has a place to put his shoes on  before work each morning.  The chairs are actually very slim and fit perfectly between the two closets.  But, because I am conducting the crazy train that refuses to match black and brown, the style has no place in our very green, white, and brown room.

So, it needed a change.  I decided on the same green paint we used to paint Emmeline’s crib (Olympic high gloss in Antique Moss)…it’s so nice to find ways to use more of the paint you already have on hand–I feel like you always have so much left over, no matter the size of the project!

I started used the following materials shown below: paint, a small roller brush, and don’t forget a drop cloth!  If you’re like me, you’ll still manage to splash paint onto the sweatshirt you’re wearing, but at least you’ll spare the floor.

I got to painting and quickly realized this job was going to need some primer first!  Using those great blue paper towels you can get at Lowe’s in the painting tools section, I quickly wiped the green paint off and started over, using this primer:

Once that dried, I used the roller brush to paint two coats of the Antique Moss, and went over any missed small places with a bristled paint brush.

I bought this chair cushion at World Market for $12.99…I think it fits nicely with the Anthropologie-esque look I am going for in that room….lots of mixed green prints working together in harmony (at least I think so!).  I read somewhere that green is a great color to mix all different shades together and still look coherent.  In case you don’t believe me! 😉

Doesn’t it look much cuter?

Some other odds and ends…..

Isn’t this packaging so pretty? And it smells nice too! Look for it in your Target One Spot!

While on a recent trip to Richmond, I found this mirrored tray at an antique store, for under $17!  I thought it was a lovely find, and I like to picture it in different rooms throughout our lifetime…maybe Emmeline will want it on her dresser someday 🙂  For now, it resides on our buffet in the dining room, underneath my horse head (from Target) that Jason likes to tease me about.

The lack of backing on our entertainment center has bugged me for quite awhile, and a few weeks ago we decided to fix that!  We purchased four large sheets of art paper in a pretty blue shade.  I have to give Jason most all of the credit; he measured all the sheets and cut them to size to fit the back of the entertainment center.  Then with tape and an Exact-o knife, we affixed the paper to the back and cut small holes for all the cords and wires  (for the cable box, speakers, and DVD player) to fit through.  And there you have it–a very cheap, easy fix to any back-less bookcase that goes against a wall.  Even though we used a light bluish-grey paper, the blue background appears very dark in real life…I used the flash on the second pic so you could get a better look. But I still think it’s a vast improvement!

Well, I’m off to go tend to the little lady!  More to come soon…