DIY Coasters

Happy Sunday!  Yesterday we attended our good friends’ housewarming party. As a gift for Katie and Matt, I made a tray with their married monogram:

I painted it navy and white to match their living room, with a silver monogram.

I also made a set of coasters to match their home decor.  They were very easy to make, and I happened to have all the materials on hand.

I started with cutting a square of cork and a square of cardboard (cut from a box).  I used a coaster of my own as a tracer.

I also used leftover fabric from our recently re-upholstered wing chair.

I used hot glue to attach the cork on top of the cardboard…

…and then wrapped the fabric around the cork and cardboard, as if you were covering a mini seat cushion.

I trimmed off any extra fabric and threads.

Then I glued down a second square of cork to the underside of the coaster, pressing firmly.

A brick worked wonders to “flatten” the coasters a bit.

Aren’t they cute?

I think they make a great hostess gift, and are the perfect use for leftover fabric, or swatches (even a mixed-and-matched set would be cute), OR you could use Christmas-y fabric for a little holiday gift!

The girls at the party : ) Thank you so much for having us, Katie and Matt!  Your home is beautiful!

In the background are Katie’s great framed prints…she used frames from Ikea and scrapbook paper…super cute, “pennywise” artwork instead of purchasing $70+ similar-type prints found at Crate & Barrel!


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