Painted Rug

Last week I decided to highlight my own hair…my roots have been awful (now that my hair finally grows…might be those prenatal vitamins), and a salon visit just hasn’t been in the cards, er, budget.  A couple of disclaimers:  if my hairstylist is reading this, I love you and your work!  And refer friends to you every chance I get!  I just needed something to bridge the gap between visits.  Also, if you are wondering why a pregnant lady is dying her own hair, I am now in my 3rd trimester and was very careful to open all the windows and did not apply directly to the scalp!

I purchased Clairol’s “Perfect 10”, and for only $11, I think it did the trick!

I woke up at 7 am before church on Sunday to get to work…so much for sleeping in.

The directions were super easy to follow, and the comb applicator attachment gave my hair a highlighted effect.  I didn’t take a head-on picture, but you should be able to see it in my rug tutorial below.  I was happy with the results and it saved me a good chunk of $$!

DIY Painted Rug

Our guest bedroom is a work in progress, and has definitely been placed on the back burner with our nursery room overhaul….but this past week I added a “runner” to go by the side of the bed.

I had seen a couple tutorials online on how to paint a rug, and it turned out to be a very inexpensive project.  I found a rug at Lowes for about $13, and I used the same latex paint that I painted the bedside tables with.

The rug was a natural/tan color, and had a Berber-like texture.  This is the before picture:

And a close-up of the tag in case you wanted to find it at your local Lowes:

I settled on a chevron design, and created a stencil with some card stock (actually a leftover box!) and tape:

I began painting with the Kingston Aqua, and made sure to measure between zigzags–I kept them 4 inches apart.

I used a “stippling” affect with the brush, rather than sweeping the paint on…tapping the brush to the loops in the carpet absorbed the paint best.  Surprisingly, the stencil held up very well and the paint didn’t bleed underneath!

You’re probably wondering why I didn’t just paint the whole thing aqua, and then add in black (my other paint color) stripes…frankly I was wondering this too, as I realized after this step that I was only half-way finished!  But in retrospect I am very glad I didn’t, because the black was slightly transparent and the aqua would have shown through. I realized this when I botched up my pattern a little at one end of the rug, and it required several coats of black to cover up the aqua.

I held the stencil down over the aqua zigzags to create a crisp edge.


I gave it a good day and a half to fully dry.  The how-tos I saw online said to use an electric sander as a last step to soften the fibers so the rug wasn’t so ‘crispy’ with all the paint.  When I began doing that, however, it took some of the paint off….giving it a distressed look which isn’t bad, but not the look I was aiming for with this rug. And actually, my rug felt rather soft to begin with, even after the paint dried.  So I just touched up the paint after testing out the sander.

The above was taken right after I finished painting…

…and after drying, here’s what it looks like in the room!

(I am anxious to paint the guest bedroom some day soon…this periwinkle color makes me go “eek!” every time I turn on the light! I think we’ll go for a silvery gray for the walls…)

Of course I can’t stop thinking about all the other designs/color combinations one could do…I think a painted rug would be so cute in front of a kitchen sink or right inside a door…so if anyone wants to tackle a project of their own, I’d be happy to help!

Up next…a DIY sunburst mirror, of course working on the nursery, and remember that tray I painted black and white? Every time I look at it it makes me upset.  It just won’t do. So I’ll be repainting that again soon too!



Happy Fall & a Few Things…

I am so excited about the cooler weather we’ve been experiencing over the past few days…it brings with it anticipation for the start of my favorite season!  I love fall colors, fall weather, that smell in the air, and of course Halloween :- )

Our front door, with newly purchased mums from Home Depot– less than $5 each!  Looking forward to finding far prettier planters someday soon…

…and a lovely “Rozealea” plant given to us by our dear friend Sarah as a housewarming gift :- ) Unfortunately it won’t bloom for too much longer with the change in weather (it has an approx. 6 week blooming period and is sensitive to light and temperature drops) but I absolutely love it–such a beautiful shade of pink.

Here are a few new-ish updates around the house…

Our little ‘entryway’ table is sporting a monogrammed tray (I used the same technique from my monogrammed tray done over the summer) but with a cheery orange color to match our living room decor, and a diamond monogram found online and then edited–please inquire for more information!

It’s great when you come in the front door to have a nice little place for keys, sunglasses, etc.

The mercury glass-esque owl is courtesy of HomeGoods (gosh I can’t get enough of that store!) and for only $4.99, he was a must-have! I actually think it’s from their Halloween decor section, because I later found an orange version.  I love him and he looks so cute perched atop a couple of books I covered with green scrapbook paper.

My adorable vintage milk glass hobnail stand from my Mom, filled with faux limes from the Dollar Store.

And my personal favorite….

My re-upholstered wing chair is finally here! I asked to have a wing chair my parents had handed down to me updated for my birthday, and I chose this fabric because a) I love blue, b) I fell in love with the fabric, and c) I thought it would look great in our dining room!  And I think it does :- ) It goes wonderfully with our new blue walls, and just really makes that corner of the dining room look nicely finished.  My plan is to take a picture of BB every month seated in this chair, once he/she is born, because I just love it so much!

So, happy (start to) fall!  I am off to start my latest project goal–a painted rug for our guest bedroom.  I purchased the supplies today, and am hopeful for a pretty finished product!

Posting at Last!

It has been way too l-o-n-g since my last post…with the start of school, hurricane power outage, and just being pregnant and exhausted, I have neglected my blog! I have a few things to update on, so here we go!

Spray Painted Tray

I had eyed this tray on a recent trip to Homegoods, and then upon returning found it in the clearance section (it had some chips and dings).  For only $8, I thought I could spruce it up! I loved the hexagonal shape, but the hot pink and lime green were a little too preppy for me.  For those who don’t know, my favorite holiday is Halloween–I am mildly obsessed.  I thought I’d do a subtle nod to the wonderful fall holiday, but something I could still use year-round. I settled on black and white.

This is what it started as:

I used two coats of Kilz in white to cover the lime green and pink…

Then I taped off my design using painter’s tape and Exact-o knife.  In retrospect, I am not crazy about the design–I guess I just didn’t think it through that much.  I wanted a ‘trellis’ design and don’t think I executed too well. But I think the overall look in the end was okay.  Live and learn!

After taping off, I spray painted with white…. the picture above shows what it looked like after that step.

Then, I spray painted using a glossy black:

…and peeled off the tape after it dried.

Some of the edges needed a tiny bit of touching up, which I used black and white paint pens to do.

Before using, I’ll spray paint with a glossy sealer.  I thought it would be cute to serve drinks on at a Halloween party. : – )

Dining Room Curtains

Almost a week’s worth of no electricity after Irene, and a housewarming party planned for Sunday of Labor Day weekend meant a very stressful week for me (just ask my husband).  Luckily, school was closed due to power outages as well, so I drove to my mother-in-law’s for a day of sewing curtains for our dining room!  We had high aspirations to paint our dining room prior to the party, and with the power outage didn’t even start that project until two days before.  A new paint job meant I wanted to get these curtains up too.

I had purchased 4 panels at World Market for $19.99 each. We have a large bay window and a smaller window in the dining room, and I thought this white would look nice and crisp against the dark blue walls we had planned.

I loved the lattice design, almost like a burnout look.  But it needed more oomph than just the sheer panel alone, so I purchased 10 yards of muslin to sew behind the panels.  The muslin was around $3 per yard, but I had a 50% off coupon to use at Jo-Anns, which saved me a bundle.

This was only my 3rd sewing project using my sewing machine (my parents gave me one for this past Christmas), so I was nervous at first, and you’ll have to excuse the craftsmanship–I have a long way to go yet in terms of experience!  But it turned out to be a really enjoyable, rewarding project. :- )

The width of the muslin was advertised as 44 inches, which was the same width as the curtain panel…but for some reason when I measured it, it was a good 2 and some-odd inches longer. Maybe a seasoned seamstress can explain that to me–perhaps it’s the selvedge?  Anyway, I measured and pinned a 2.5″ hem to compensate, so the muslin underlay wouldn’t stick out from behind the panel.

Then sewed a hem down the length of the muslin:

After that, I folded over the top of the muslin across the width of the fabric and pinned it to the underside of the lattice panel, directly underneath the rod pocket.  Then I sewed them together:

Finally, I pinned up the bottom of the muslin across the width (about 2 inches) because it was a little longer than the lattice panel, and sewed a hem.  Here is one finished panel:

After finishing the four panels, I ironed both the lattice and muslin layers with my iron on medium setting.  We bought curtain rods at Wal-Mart, they were from the Better Homes and Gardens line and a whopping $20 each!  I liked the brushed gold rod with the lucite finials.

I really am so happy with the finished product–I think they look so cute with the sunlight shining through, and great against the dark blue contrast of our walls. We used Olympic One Paint + Primer in Chinese Porcelain, and two coats later, fell in love!

Nothing short of a miracle, we finished painting the dining room and preparing the house in time for our party on Sunday.

A few details: the paper lantern is Jonathan Adler, purchased at TJ Maxx for $3.  The napkins and yellow sunflower doilies are from the Dollar Tree.  If you are ever in need of flowers for entertaining, Trader Joes is great–I got orange, yellow, red, and pink gerber daisies there for $4.99 a bunch.

I love our napkin holder, purchased from Homegoods–thankfully my mom found one too–we were both dying from the cuteness factor! Here’s a close-up in case you want to hunt for one at your local Homegoods:

The evening turned out to be a great time surrounded by good friends. :- )

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend, and I look forward to posting again without so long a hiatus this time!